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I think I was 14 or 15 when my Dad brought home an old pawnshop guitar. It had a case but no instruction manual. Really the only thing attached to it that I was aware of was my Father's love of music and his aspiration to play some country tunes. That was a hope that was never realized. That was always kind of sad for him.

The next few years my brother Jim and I worked at that thing and took the instrument directions my Dad would never understand. From time to time he would ask us 'what ever happened to that guitar I brought home?' Jim and I both looked at each other and smiled a number of times. Maybe you know the kind of irritating humor and irony relatives use on each other...

No. I don't know what happened to that guitar but I can tell you what happened to me. I mixed that instrument up with addiction and craziness like lots of other folks. Later I was awakened spiritually and learned how much enjoyment and love you can have with a $50 pawnshop instrument.It happens when you play out with people you enjoy for people who are enjoying what you do. It's kind of magical.

So I have built this site as a 'thank you' to my Dad for bringing that piece of junk home and keeping the love of music alive in me and my friends and my children. The tunes on this website aren't for money or self started with my Dad and sparked something in my brother and I and hopefully continues in lots of people in lots of places.